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❆ Celebrate the holiday season with the love that lasts forever! ❆

Dean and Castiel’s “infinity” shirt will make the perfect gift for anyone who loves Destiel.  Order this shirt as a treat for yourself or surprise the biggest shipper you know with a shirt. Over 30+ colors and style combinations to choose from.

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the wise words of felicia day

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Look at how disgusted he is by the very notion that she could touch his hair too without permission

Pay close attention folks.

VERY close attention folks.

This is the nature of everyone else vs. black people’s hair summed up in two gifs.

You touch ours willy-fucking nilly but are repulsed when someone DARES to invade your precious boundaries. I see you double standard, I fucking see you. 

I fucking love how she laid it all out without saying a thing.

Again for reasons

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if lucifer needs someones consent to enter their body then so do you

this is the best rape argument i have ever heard

#if you’re worse than satan you have a problem


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Log onto Twitter and add the phrase “Misha ships Destiel" to your tweets. We’re trying to trend it RIGHT NOW so please help!

This is in celebration of Misha shipping Destiel (video): x

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With the new Supernatural season starting in 2 weeks, we want to create an active supportive presence on Twitter.

The summer has NOT been kind to us Destiel shippers. Many of us feel let down, disillusioned, and upset.  However, not all has been lost. The season has not yet aired and we don’t know what is in store for us.

With newly released spoilers of Castiel and a new female love interest, we want to take this time to remind the TPTB on Twitter that we support Dean and Castiel together. They are the relationship that we want to be END GAME on Supernatural.

Join Twitter in 5 Steps!
1. Log onto https://twitter.com/
2. Add your Username, Email, and Password
3. Click “Sign-up for Twitter”
4. Confirm your details
5. Click “Create My Account”

How to Tweet in 5 Steps
1. Log onto https://twitter.com/
2. Locate the text box that says “Compose new Tweet
4. Type in a short message
5.  (OPTIONAL) Add @username to your tweet if you are messaging someone

Join Twitter to support Dean and Castiel’s love narrative!


Follow this Twitter account https://twitter.com/profoundbondinc

Then use the group’s followers list to follow other Destiel shippers!

Let’s all follow each other back! :)

This is a fast and easy way for all newbie Twitter fans to get followers and start being active in our community. If you already have a Twitter account, you can still follow that group and we’ll all follow you back!


Username of Writers on Twitter:  @rthompson1138 @adamglass44 @robertberens @danloflin @jennydelherpes @charmzies @thejimmichaels (producer) @chico6 (publicist)

Remember, what we support is activism and love for Dean and Castiel. We encourage fans to tweet anything they wish, even criticism, as long as it is done in a respectful manner.

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